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Providing your organisation with an effective, personal and professional support service

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Finding the key factors in implementing an Employee Wellbeing Program (EWP) that ticks all of the boxes for the employees and the employer
Wellbeing Programs

Many employers recognise the importance of providing support for positive mental health and wellbeing for all of their employees, however providing a safe and caring work environment is about more than just a good salary and benefits.

Xpansive Consulting understands there are a multitude of considerations that you as an employer has to make, to not only create this environment but to also meet your obligations as an employer – and it can be overwhelming.


The increased sense of uncertainty and transition recently, has exacerbated the need for updating the workplace environment.

Whether working remotely or on-site, creating holistic and effective employee wellbeing programs and services will help foster a workplace that most successful and progressive businesses have, and that more employees want to be a part of.

If you're aware of reduced productivity in your workforce, increased absences for sick days or mental health days, a shift in your corporate culture or you’re stressed about how you may address an employee crisis, an effective Employee Wellbeing Program (EWP) can help build the skills and confidence of your managers and leadership team to foster a workplace that is safe, resilient, productive and thriving.

An Effective Wellbeing Program is more than just a support phone line and giving employees access to resources, it requires an holistic approach that offers access to both health and wellness practices with additional support services that are relatable and accessible to all employees when they need it most.

At Xpansive Consulting we have created a comprehensive methodology to easily and effectively implement a program that is beneficial for both your organisation and your employees.

This tried and true method includes every aspect from planning through to actioning, creating something that employees can 'get behind' and feel confident taking part in.

We are committed to helping you create a work environment that cares for your employees, helps improve productivity and physical & emotional wellness.

We offer proactive programs for the prevention and early resolution of workplace and personal issues designed to make your workplace the best it can be by addressing your specific pain points.


Our Employee Wellbeing Programs and Services are tailored to meet your specific goals and needs, and organisation size.

They are delivered in an engaging, positive and innovative way to support the performance and wellbeing of your employees.  

The workshops offer a great group training environment, where we teach staff how to manage stress with simple, effective tools.

Your staff will leave feeling empowered with new strategies and daily habits to combat their susceptibility to stress and anxiety.

The Xpansive Consulting group workshops are engaging and give everyone key takeaway tools they can use anytime they need them.

The 1-on-1 consulting sessions enable a customised and personalised approach to each employee. 

This is what creates the biggest impact for employees and offers a customised, uniquely individualised approach.

While we know that diet and exercise are important aspects of wellbeing; Stress and Anxiety are the biggest contributors to diminishing workplace wellbeing.

And let's face it - every person on your team will have different triggers to stress and will require different approaches to eliminate their particular susceptibility.

Most employees will get maximum benefit from 4-6 of the1-on-1 sessions


Lets look at the Benefits

Benefits to your organisation

Why does your organisation need an EWP?

One third of our adult life is spent at work, so a workplace has a significant impact on an individual’s psychological, physical and social wellbeing.


In fact, in the Pacific alone, there are over 7 million working days lost due to untreated mental health issues every year.

Research has found that healthier and happier workplaces lead to:

  • Improved employee productivity

  • Improved employee morale

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Fewer disability or ACC claims

  • Lower rates of employee absenteeism

  • Higher levels of employee retention

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Benefits to employees

How does an EWP benefit employees?

A positive workplace can make all the difference to employees, allowing them to thrive while working together to achieve a common goal for your business.

They will benefit from many facets

  • Reduced Stress and anxiety

  • Reduction in health risk factors

  • Increased focus and engagement

  • An increased sense of community and connection

  • Greater workplace satisfaction

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Integrating an Effective EWP

How can you ensure you implement something that everyone wants to be a part of.

One of the biggest challenges for an organisation can be implementing new initiatives for employees.

It can trigger trust issues and our goal is to guide the leaders in effectively communicating, aligning and delivering a program that is easily accessible for all employees, is relevant and of the highest quality.

Our C.L.E.A.R methodology addresses all of the potential pitfalls and helps create a successful program.

We work with you to measure valuable metrics and then tailor a program that fits .

Xpansive Consulting offers group workshops to deliver powerful and easily implementable techniques that employees can utilise to improve their resilience and reduce their susceptibility to daily stress triggers.

Using our own I.C.A.L.M methodology and several energy psychology techniques, these workshops are interactive and engaging.

We then make available and provide our confidential 1-on-1 individualised support to all levels of staff.

Integrating EWP's

ROI & other helpful stats

Little work has been done in New Zealand on the return on investment for effective Employee Wellbeing Programs (EWP's), however overseas studies indicate a strong return on investment in wellbeing.


European studies estimate for every Euro spent on wellbeing the ROI is between 2.5 - 4.8 euro. In Australia the estimates are around the $6.50 mark.

The most positive news is that in every market measuring return on investment, there is a positive return.

The New Economics Foundation report on Wellbeing at Work presents evidence that people who achieve a high level of workplace wellbeing, are likely to be more creative, more loyal and more productive. And they also provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of wellbeing at work.

Those indicators are significant and enticing.

The majority of employers want to be a good employer, and being known as an employer who values people's health and wellbeing is attractive to valuable employees.

The costs of training and recruiting new staff are significant, and you want to be sure that your people want to stay working for you. 

Good or bad news can spread quickly in this age of social media, and how your employees talk about their workplace can have a huge impact on your business.

Here are some of the most pressing problem statistics that we are seeing in the Pacific:

  • 5% of the workforce are depressed

  • 50% don't actively seek early support because they don't know it exists

  • 70% don't get enough exercise

  • 50% drink at high risk levels

  • 33% of workers are suffering from 1 of 8 chronic diseases

  • 30% are dying due to cardiovascular disease

  • 59% of workers are overweight

  • 20% of workers are stressed

Here's some good news

Effective EWP's are providing businesses with solutions and the statistics are promising:

  • 30% reduction in absenteeism

  • 33% improvement in Productivity

  • 50% reductions in disease risk factors

  • 230% ROI on Effective EWP's

  • 500% $ROI when individual 1-on-1 support is included 

Financial Report

Zansie Maye is a certified Stress Elimination Consultant, helping children and adults, individuals and 

organisations manage stress, conflict resolution, anxiety and wellbeing


Zansie is from Christchurch, and after living overseas for several years, returned to New Zealand in 2008.


She has been working in the Positive Psychology arena since 2009, working specifically with Stress Management and Wellbeing since 2012. 

After the Christchurch earthquakes, Zansie has volunteered in local schools, working with teachers, parents and children, teaching stress and anxiety techniques and strategies.

Zansie published her first book - 5 Hacks to Fine Tune your Focus and Skyrocket your Productivity in 2019

Her commitment to continuing to study in this field enables her to deliver the most up to date, scientifically proven strategies to her clients.

She has graduated from the

  • EnWaken Coaching program - Energy Psychology and Coaching 2009 - 2012

  • The Global Sciences Foundation - Positive Psychology training 2018 and 2019

  • Mindvalley University - Silva Ultra mind training 2020

  • Mindvalley University - Be Extraordinary 2021

  • Yale University - The Science of Wellbeing 2021

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

Image by Shayan Bemanian

I have a very small business, with only 3 employees.

Zansie tailored a package that worked so well for our schedule and budget.

We all absolutely loved our sessions and were amazed at our increased focus afterwards.

We have been busier and more productive but extremely calm at the same time


Pink Flower Petals

Our staff in our medical practice have been stressed and feeling emotionally stretched over the past year.

We weren't exactly sure what we needed but knew we needed something.

Zansie was extremely professional and easy to work with.

All of the staff loved the workshop sessions, and we will definitely be continuing with more workshops throughout the year


Tropical Leaves

Our project managers have been under the pump for a long time.

I wasn't sure how a bunch of construction blokes would react to this type of work but man, they all got on board and gave it a go.

We have already started noticing the benefits with a bump in productivity and getting more projects completed on time.


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