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Chronic Stress & Anxiety

Diet and Exercise are the most commonly addressed areas for wellbeing in organisations.
Sadly often overlooked are Stress and Anxiety - even those these have the biggest negative impact of productivity and performance.

While diet and exercise are key factors in wellbeing and are the most commonly addressed by organisations,

it's proven that chronic stress and anxiety that have the biggest impact on absenteeism and lost productivity.

Key signs that your employees may be struggling with Chronic stress or anxiety are:

  • reduced engagement or pulling back from co-workers

  • indecision or lack of confidence

  • increased irritability

  • reduced ability to make deadlines

  • reduced productivity or performance

  • an increase in the number of mistakes being made

  • trouble sleeping / feeling exhausted

  • Impaired immune system / needing more sick days or personal leave.

Stress and Anxiety require an individual approach.

Xpansive Consulting understands this need for customised support and offers individual 1-on-1 consultations for employees.

It is important to eliminate the stigma around Stress, Anxiety and also the idea that needing support somehow indicates some kind of weakness.

EVERYONE has different instances where their stress response is triggered - it may be work load or difficult situations at work, or it could be something as innocuous as frustrations with traffic or lack of sleep due to young children.

All triggers are of equal validity and importance and with simple techniques and support can be reduced or even eliminated, to allow each individual to return to their focused and productive best. 

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