Mind your language please!!

I think we all know and appreciate how incredible our brain is. Smarter, faster, clever-er than any super computer on the planet. However there are a few things we can do to improve how well our mind works FOR our benefit.

One way is to mind our language! To notice what we say and to start to forget about our I AM’s.

We tend to ‘I am’ a lot.

I am old

I am broke

I am stupid

I am sad

I am so angry ....

It’s an exhaustive list.

The goal is to be a bit more intentional with our language.

Because our mind, as amazing as it is, doesn’t differentiate between fact or fiction. It will do what it ‘thinks’ we want.

The mind takes phrases like I am and assumes whatever follows is a correct characterisation of our identity.

And it then works to make sure that identity is true. (Because, we said it, therefore it must be what we want, right?)

With a very simple hack, we can change from making identity statements to making ‘processing’ statements instead.

Replace AM with FEEL!!

Instead of I am old - I FEEL old

Instead of I am broke - I FEEL broke

Instead of I am stupid - I FEEL stupid

Instead of I am sad .... I FEEL sad

Instead of I am so angry - I FEEL so angry.

Adding FEEL stops the statement from being an identity and moves it into an emotion (which is what it actually is! quite frankly) that the mind can then process.

This means it’s a momentary feeling that can be processed and replaced rather than a thought which becomes a Belief which then becomes a firm part of who we are!

Emotions have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Identity is a little more permanent and it can linger.

The brain isn’t stupid, and does an amazing job of working through a myriad of processes simultaneously and you can survive quite fine WITHOUT this hack - however, being more intentional about your language can help add clarity to the processing and move you from surviving quite fine, to thriving.

Side note:

If you’re going to I AM it, then make it count!!

I am amazing

I am phenomenal

I am bliss

I am abundant.

I am joy

I am fun

I am intuitive ......

and watch things change in you and around you.

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