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Get Over It!


Ever been told to just ‘get over it!’ ?

It tends to come off a little judgey and doesn’t usually sound like (or feel like) supportive, helpful advice.

But maybe, you‘re taking it the wrong way.

I was listening to Kristie Marie Sheldon speak recently and she spoke about the notion of needing to make ourselves bigger than our problems. ….

Here’s the general gist

As humans, we are great little fact finders. We like to look for the facts and break down all of the facts to any given problem.

If you’ve ever had an argument with your spouse, you may be able to relate - you offer all of the FACTS that support your argument and help to prove that you are correct and then they go and deliver all of the FACTS that support theirs. Grrr.

The finding of facts is a process that helps us UNDERSTAND the problem. We can then analyse and break it down to try to understand all of the parts to the problem.

As Kristie Marie says - we stand UNDER (see what she does there !!??

- We need to understand becomes

We need to stand under!!)

the problem as a way to try to figure things out.

The difficulty with this notion of understanding is that when you’re knee deep in (or under) the trenches of your problem it’s virtually impossible to find a resolution.

Focusing on facts reduces your ability to think creatively, and find new ideas and possible solutions.

So - what’s the alternative?


Literally imagine yourself expanding bigger and bigger and getting up over and above the problem you’re facing. Imagine yourself bigger than the problem and take a look at it from a new vantage point.

Many meditation and mindfulness practices teach this technique.

It is part of connecting in to universal energy, or the electromagenetic field that surrounds all things and allowing your awareness to expand beyond your physical body.

This practice can feel a bit like a day dream. If it feels like you’re ‘making it up’ in your mind, then you’re probably on the right track.

Next time you’re stuck with a problem and it feels like there’s no possible solution, have a crack at Getting Over It and see if you can come up with some creative new ways to tackle your issue.

Allow your imagination to run free.

If this concept is new to you, and you’d like access to an audio recording to guide you through this process feel free to comment on this blog and I’ll send through a link for you to try.

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